Find The Right Insurance Plan For You

Find The Right Insurance Package For You

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Insurance to Protect Your Income, Family and Debt

We are conditioned to insure certain things – most often our cars and our houses. But do we tend to overlook the things that are most important? There are so many events and accidents that we have no way of predicting or diversifying against.

However, Julie Bongiorno can minimise the cashflow effect of unknown risk. We offer insurance protection to provide you with an income and/or lump sum in the event you suffer a major illness, permanent disability or are unable to work.

Protecting Your Family

Our aim is to reduce the financial burden on families and businesses caused by death or disability. The effects can be insurmountable – so protecting your loved ones against these events is crucial.

As well as protecting your ability to earn an income, it is also important to protect the assets you accumulate throughout your career and into retirement. We have long term relationships with many of the major insurance companies and can provide the cover that best meets your unique needs.


Structure is the most important part of the loan process. Let us help you with your personal and business loans.

Property Outlook

Use our unique search tool, normally reserved for real estate agents only, that provides valuable sales and rental data.

Financial Dream Creator

Work with us to purchase or refinance, and we will coordinate with the banks, solicitors and conveyancers on your behalf.

Our Areas of Insurance Expertise

Life insurance
Income Protection
Total & Permanent Disability
Business Expenses Cover
Partnership Cover (including Buy/Sell arrangements)
Key Person Insurance

Hand and Cog

Deliver Outstanding Service

We aim to deliver outstanding service on an ongoing basis, and consistently exceed your expectations.

Talk Bubbles

Live Up to Our Promise

We intend to do what we say we’ll do, so if we have made a commitment, we will keep to it.

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Strategy for Wealth Creation

We will assist you to set up a strategic plan for your personal wealth creation and goal clarification.

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To discuss your insurance options with our team, call 03 9863 3140.

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