Are the things that are really important to us the things that we insure

What would effect you more?

  • Living without your i ncome for 12 months
  • Your car being stolen

And what would be worse?

  • Some of your household possessions being stolen
  • Your family in financial difficulty

We are conditioned to insure certain things – our cars, our houses. But do we tend to overlook the things that are most important?

So, what’s more important to you?

  • Your house… or your income?
  • Your car… or your health?
  • Your home contents… or your family’s security?

There are things that can happen that we have no way of predicting or diversifying against. However, we can minimise the effect of unknown risks by putting in place some form of insurance protection to provide you with an income and/ or a lump sum in the event you suffer a major illness or are totally disabled and unable to work.

This is all about reducing the financial burden on families and businesses caused by death or disability. The effects can be insurmountable. Protecting your loved ones against these events is crucial.

We have long term relationships with many of the major insurance companies. We can provide the cover that best meets your own unique needs.

As well as protecting your ability to earn an income, it is also importnant to protect the assets you accumulate throughout your career and into retirement.

We are experienced in the areas of:

  • Life insurance
  • Trauma
  • Total & Permanent Disability policies
  • Partnership Cover (including Buy/Sell arrangements)
  • Key Person Insurance
  • Business Expenses Cover
  • Income Protection

Contact us now to catch up and review your insurance program both inside and outside of what you have within superannuation or with your employer.