Imagine the days you;

  • Buy your first home?
  • Upgrade and keep the first as an investment property?
  • Start your own business
  • Are starting a family
  • Need to free up cash flow
  • Simply just want to re-finance for better service

It has to be cost effective, wealth building and tax effective. So where do we go now?


I need to know about

  • Obtaining pre-approval and learn how much I can borrow.
  • Discounted finance for my home loan, investment property loan or practice fit out.
  • Lines of credit.
  • Car, shares and equipment finance.
  • Refinancing and Debt Consolidation to organise my finances.
  • Margin Loans - to be more aggressive.
  • Assistance with re-financing my current loan.


AND I want a residential or commercial loan to offer me

  • A max Loan to Value ratio. Up to 90% for medical, vets and dental practitioners (and 85% for others) on a home loan or an investment property without mortgage insurance (stand alone)*
  • Personal service and an ongoing relationship.
  • Various other benefits including yearly health check ups for my business.
  • Fixed, variable and combination Loans available.


Annual package includes

  • No establishment or monthly maintenance fees.
  • Various other benefits including transaction accounts and Gold Cards.
  • LOW Introductory Rates.
  • Obligation free pre-approvals.
  • 100% offset available.
  • Low Doc loans available for the self employed.
  • 10 year interest Only Loan Available.
  • 30 year Interest Only Home Equity Loan and Principal and interest loan.


So let Bongiorno’s design a package for you with flexible options!

Structure is the most important part of the loan process. By managing both your personal and business loan needs we can help you structure borrowing, tax effectively with flexible options for the long term, so let one of our qualified accountants get the best structure in place for you.

*Any application for credit is subject to the banks normal lending criteria.


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